MDX v0.20.3

If you haven’t read the syntax highlighting guide it’s recommended start there.

Read syntax highlighting guide

Live code

An increasingly common approach for live code editors is to overload the code block. This is often done so that the code shows up nicely when rendered to GitHub and it’s a nice usage of meta strings.

Code block meta string

After the language in code fences you can add key=value pairs which will be automatically passed as props to your code block.

```js live=true


If live isn’t passed to the code component you can render syntax highlighting. If live is present you can return react-live.

// src/components/CodeBlock.js
import React from 'react'
import Highlight, {defaultProps} from 'prism-react-renderer'
import {LiveProvider, LiveEditor, LiveError, LivePreview} from 'react-live'
export default ({children, className, live}) => {
const language = className.replace(/language-/, '')
if (live) {
return (
<div style={{marginTop: '40px'}}>
<LiveProvider code={children}>
<LivePreview />
<LiveEditor />
<LiveError />
return (
<Highlight {...defaultProps} code={children} language={language}>
{({className, style, tokens, getLineProps, getTokenProps}) => (
<pre className={className} style={{, padding: '20px'}}>
{, i) => (
<div key={i} {...getLineProps({line, key: i})}>
{, key) => (
<span key={key} {...getTokenProps({token, key})} />

Passing to the MDXProvider

Now that you have a code block component you need to pass it to MDXProvider in the components object so that it is rendered.

// src/App.js
import React from 'react'
import {MDXProvider} from '@mdx-js/tag'
import CodeBlock from './components/CodeBlock'
const components = {
pre: props => <div {...props} />,
code: CodeBlock
export default props => (
<MDXProvider components={components}>
<main {...props}>